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Spoilers for stuff!

Concerning Doctor Who s9e11, I saw all the twists coming, bjt damn if that wasn't an excellent hour of television. Wish I could have heard what the Doctor was saying during the loop, but I couldn't make it out. Anyone caught it?.

Concerning The Librarians s1e6 and s2e4, IF THEY'RE GOING WITH THE WHOLE "LANCELOT WAS RAISED BY THE LADY OF THE LAKE" THINK I WILL EXPLODE FROM JOY. (For the record, s1e6 is when I realised that Dulaque was Lancelot, because he gets called "son of Ban" and also, I called it, so there.) Fyi, the Librarians is one of very very few English languages canons that I feel does Arthuriana right -- I have a few issues with their Morgane, but not enough that I can't connect her to mine.

Concerning Hamilton, it bugs me that Lafayette refers to himself as "the Lancelot of the Revolutionry set". Given where he's from, that's not a cultural reference he would have had and even if he had had it, it wouldn't be the one his British/US contemporaries would have had.

Concerning Fred Vargas, the French Wikipedia synopsis for L'armée furieuse ended up BLOWING MY TINY MIND when I followed the "Grande Chasse" link. It turns out that what I know as "La chasse du roi Arthur" (King Arthur's hunt) or "l'Ankou et sa charette" (the Ankou and his... cart? wheelbarrow?) depending on whether the wind blows in from inland or from the sea, is actually THE EXACT SAME THING as "The Wild Hunt". WHAT THE FUCK YOU GUYS WHAT THE FUCK.

Concerning this entry, I don't think any of those are terribly spoilery, except the Librarians one.

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