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WIP Big Bang

I made art!

Twice, even. One is chalk and (very limited) pastels on black paper, the other is watercolours (+ a felt tip marker) on watercolour paper. In both cases I had to fiddle a bit with digital editing: to glue together the different parts of the too-big-to-scan chalk pieces and to make the colours of the watercolour come out better.

It's for [archiveofourown.org profile] Nightsmistress / [personal profile] batman Old Kingdom series story, building the kingdom with our deviant hearts. Spoilers for Clariel.

Gullaine is in German 17th century plate armour. Belatiel is in Abhorsen blues.

She pushed the door open to a sky the colour of a newly-struck bruise, the darkness lit by the moon and night stars. It was a clear night, and Gully could see as far as the garrison and the walls encircling the castle.

The immediate vicinity looked clear of any fighting. That was reassuring. The passage from the castle to the guard compound could only be opened by the Captain of the Guard or her second, and Gully knew that Karrice was commanding the garrison. If there was no fighting here, then the walls surrounding the castle had not been breached.

She stepped outside and gestured for Bel to join her.
I'm really proud of the perspective and composition in this one! And the clouds and teeny tiny peeps on the wall.

“Remember what you promised,” she told him after he had made himself as comfortable as possible and when the paperwing had been loaded. “Bring Clariel to the Abhorsen at Hillfair.”

She saw Bel nod, face pale and resolute.
The marker was used for the gold on Gully's armour.
Go read the story, it's great!

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