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Dear Yuletide Writer 2016 Letter

Thank you for writing for me! I'm sure whatever you write me will be wonderful.

Feel free to poke around this journal or my Ao3 account (username: sevenofspade) if you want to. My letters tag is here.

I have five Do Not Wants: incest, rape, child abuse, character death and dysphoria. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I do want. Here’s a partial list. (I obviously don’t expect you to stick all of these in one story, that would be impossible.)

General likes:

• Plot. I prefer it to both introspection and porn, but it doesn’t have to be a massive epic.

• Hopeful and/or bittersweet endings, just not the unrelenting grim darkness of the far future.

• FRIENDSHIP FIC. You can never go wrong with friendship fic as far as I’m concerned.

• Femslash, gen, het, poly and slash! I'm honestly not difficult. Most of my prompts are gen, but if you want to take them in a shippy direction, go right ahead! I've pointed out ships I ship, but if you ship something else, I'll gladly read it. I tend to ship ALL THE SHIPS.

• Dinosaurs.


• Historical AUs. If you're looking for something more specific, I'm always a sucker for the Second Punic War.

• Fandom AUs! Or better yet, fandom not!AUs, in which the canon is exactly the same, except everyone's in fandom!

• (Consider "They do yuletide [fandom exchange of your choice]" as your get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to plot.)

• Crack taken seriously.

• People on opposite side who care about each other! Whether it's enemies-turned-(grudging)-friends or friends-turned-(grudging)-enemies or any other variation on this theme, I love this trope very dearly.

• Complicated relationships and conflicted loyalties in general, really.

• Superpowers!

• Bodyswap!

• SCIENCE and ART and people really into either/both.

• Please feel free to make anyone not human as alien as you want. Alien biology! Alien psychology! Alien cultures! Alien aliens!

• Canon-divergent AUs! Allllllll the “WHAT IF” fics. ALL OF THEM.

• Identity porn! When someone (or several people) have secret identities (fannish, superheroic, all of the above, etc) and their interactions change depending on who's presenting as what at any given time.

• People being smart/competent!

• Timetravel! I love all the kinds of timetravel. The ones that create paradoxes and the ones that don't; the ones that are stable and the ones that aren't; the ones with alternate pasts/presents/futures and all the rest. Just. All the timetravel, yeah?

• Worldbuilding! Fuck yeah, worldbuilding. Tell me everything about a tiny (or not so tiny) canon detail. Show the parts of the world the canon never goes to. TELL ME ABOUT THE STORIES THEY TELL IN THAT UNIVERSE. (Seriously. Rewrite canon as a legend from that universe, that would be amazing.)

• Folktales/fairytales/etc.

• If all else fails, you can always stick any random combination of characters on a roadtrip/force them to work together and have them become friends and I will eat it up with a spoon.

Feel free to take prompts in whichever direction you like! And if none of my prompts work for you, then write whatever you want -- I'll be happy with anything. Crossovers between any of my requested fandoms are welcome.

EDIT OCTOBER 12 FOR MORE PROMPTS (Specifically, I've added "Extra prompts" and "Crossover prompts" paragraphs to every requests.)

7 Wonders (Board Game) (Any of: Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Pyramids of Giza, Temple of Artemis in Ephesus)

What's the canon: It's a board game.

Additional info: On top of the basic game itself, I'm familiar with the following expansions: Leaders, Cities and Wonder Pack.

Why I love it: Because it's great fun and the worldbuilding potential is fascinating.

Feel free to write either from the PoV of the 'god' of one of the cities or from the PoV of one of the people living there. I would love anything pertaining to the SCIENCE cards and/or the fact that there's always somebody hoarding all the glass cards. I'm really curious how the 'take a card from the discarded pile' event translates to an event in that world. If you're familiar with the Leaders extension, my favourites -- either for reasons of history or mechanics -- are Sappho, Hannibal and Hypatia. I'm also really curious about the story behind the art on the Shadow Guild card (in the Cities expansion).

Extra prompts: I'd be really curious to learn how the various game mechanisms translate as worldbuilding elements. What is the equivalent of the A/B sides? Why the focus on SCIENCE in Babylone? (I am very fond of SCIENCE and the scientific method, but you can totally go bonkers magical science instead. That's always great fun.) How do the Leaders end up in their cities? How do the Wonders get built? Aside from the green/science cards, my favourites are the yellow/commerce ones. I'm not interested in fic about people playing the game, unless they're solving zombies or fighting murders at the same time. Possibly IN SPACE.

Crossover prompts: Maybe the cities/wonders have godly protectors like Gwen of Thunder! Maybe the mishmash of timeperiods is the result of the timetravel shenanigans of Le Déchronologue. Scipio shows up at one of the cities/wonders where Hannibal is already Leader at. Or maybe the mishmash of timeperiods is because it's set on Battleworld! Or it's because of timetravel -- this time from the Vineans.

Gwen Variants (Marvel Variant Covers) (Gwen Stacy | Gwen of Thunder (Thors #1 Gwen Variant Cover) )

What's the canon: The canon is a series of variant covers Marvel put out last year to promote the Spider-Gwen comic launch. Each cover reimagines Gwen Stacy as one (or more) Marvel character.

Additional info: I follow many Marvel comic series and have followed more in the past. Don't hesitate to crossover with the wider Marvel-verse; if you have questions about my familiarity with any given series, please ask through the mods. Here is my tag for this fandom.

Why I love it: I like Gwen Stacy a lot. I think she's super smart and really kind and amazingly brave, be that in Spider-Gwen or the movies or Ults Spidey. I love canon-adjacent AUs too, especially role reversal AUs (I hesitate to call these canon-divergent, but they could be!), so this fandom is basically two great tastes that taste great together!

I want to say upfront that I am super fond of ALL THE GWENS, so if Gwen of Thunder isn't working for you, one of the others would also be fine. Gwen looks so happy to be wielding Mjolnir on that cover! Is she one of the Thors of Battleworld? Did she pick up Mjolnir by accident one day and is now a superhero? Is she the golden daughter of Asgard? Ship-wise, I quite like Gwen/MJ and Gwen/Katie Bishop -- or even Gwen/Gwen, why not. I prefer Gwen's relationship to Spider-Man (Peter or Miles) to be platonic.

Extra prompts: Casefic! Either with Gwen as one of the Battleworld!Thors or with Gwen as superhero by night, cop by day! Trials and tribulations of dating people when you're a superhero. What if this is the original Gwen Stacy, come back from the dead with a vengeance and a leather jacket (a la Bucky Barnes or Jason Todd) -- maybe Uncle Ben's her sidekick. Unlikely team-ups! Unlikely friendships are my not-so secret weakness, so I would love ridic team-ups. Gwen of Thunder and the Scarlet Witch! Gwen vs Felicia in a high stakes heist. Gwen and Cassie Lang! (I could ship any of those, tbh.) If Gwen is the golden daughter of Asgard, who's her Loki figure? Is it Leah?

Crossover prompts: Gwen as the superhero protecting a Wonder. Gwen vs timetravel (vs pirates). Gwen of Thunder sent by Ba'al/Tanith/Jupiter to help Carthage/Rome (delete as appropriate -- or don't! Two Gwens for the price of one!). Gwen as one of the Thors rebelling against God Emperor Doom. Gwen in space meeting Khany!

Le Déchronologue - Stéphane Beauverger (Any of: Brieuc, Henri Villon, Sévère)

What's the canon: It's a standalone Sci-Fi book, written in French.

Additional info: I have a tag for it.

Why I love it: The long version is here. The TL;DR version is that it's batshit in the best possible ways and does very smart things with timetravel and the concept of timetravel + 17th century pirates of the Carabbeans.

I super love the worldbuilding in this book and anything exploring that would be amazing! I'm not really interested in "17th century pirates" so much as "17th century pirates WITH TIMETRAVEL SHENANIGANS". I would love backstoy for Sévère and the Targuis. The AU in which Brieuc survives the tavern exploding and joins Villon's crew would be amazing! As would the fix-it AU in which somehow nobody dies at the end. You know how Villon refers to himself as Satan's footman seveal times and calls Sévère his (fallen) angel? AU in which it's true! I ship Brieuc/Villon -- and I could be convinced on Sévère/Brieuc -- but I'd rather not get reciprocated Villon/Sévère. I would also be down for Villon/Mendoza.

Extra prompts: I would love to read about Villon to go back to Antonia the poetess and actually have that talk they said they'd have. I could also totally be down for Villon/the Baptist (look they call each other by their first names when they're about to heroically sacrifice themselves) -- or maybe the Baptist is an alternate universe Villon, everything's possible! We don't get to see much of Dernier-Espoir, but I would love to lean more, possibly as a means to have Mendoza and Sévère interact (I could ship it! But even if not, she used to be a timetraveller he crossed his own time stream, what's not to love?). Sévère and Brieuc sadly never interact  but I think they'd get along great. I'd love to hear more about k'uhul ajaw. Also, remember that time Villon invited Brieuc to a threesome?

Crossover prompts: Le Déchronologue takes a trip through time/other universe to 7wonders. Superpowered!Gwen Stacy travelled back with the Flying Dutchman. Post-canon Déchronologue ends up in the Second Punic War. The Targuis are agents of God Emperor Doom. Pirates and timetravel and blueskinned aliens!

Punic Wars RPF (Hannibal Barca, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Maior)

What's the canon: The two most badass generals in History! (...After Alexander and Pyrrhus, by their own admission. Whatever.) bias aside, Hannibal Barca and Scipio Africanus are the main players of the Second Punic War. The Second Punic War is a war that is full to the brim with feats of badassery (the Crossing of the Alps, Cannae, the fall of Carthago Nova) and things ridiculous, yet epic (Archimedes' death lasers and Hannibal's snake bombs). The canon is, well, history, but you don't have to dig into Polybius or Livy to appreciate the epic that is these two; (Although, if you want to, Polybius can be found on Project Gutenberg, Perseus and Wikisource, as can Livy.)

Additional info: I wrote you a primer! (With bonus follow-up questions, including the 100% legit scholarship of what they looked like.) There's a movie starring Alexander Siddig as Hannibal for the war itself and Extra Credit: Extra History: The Punic Wars for the war and some more context, both before and after. Not sure it's any help, but I might as well you to two of my favourite poems and my tag.

(I fall on the PICS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN side as far as the child sacrifice issue is concerned. I don't mind if you don't, but please don't make it a central plot point.)

Why I love it: Where do I start? I wrote a post about why I ship it some time ago, so that's a good place to start. I love how fucking competent both of them are (Cannae, obvs, but also Trebbia and Trasimene (and the one with the snake bombs) for Hannibal, Zama, Ilipa and Carthago Nova for Scipio and that's just battles). I love how much they fail at not being obvious how interested in each other they are: the incident in Ephesus has been described as Hannibal discreetly courting Scipio. I love how friendly the Ephesus thing shows them as being (and then they totally fucked). I mean, you'd expect a confrontation between people having the history together those two do (and especially considering the circumstances under which they last met) to be subtle attempts at espionage at best and downright hateful at worst, passing through merely antagonistic, but no! They're respectful of each other and friendly and have invitations to dinner. I also have this headcanon that since they both DIED THE SAME YEAR IN MYSTERIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES with no body ever found, they faked their own deaths to elope end their days together.

I ship it. That said, I would also be good with gen about the relationship between them. Feel free to have them meet at times they haven't (as far as we know) met, like after Cannae or Zama. Anything expanding on the meeting at Ephesus would also be brilliant. I am, always and forever, of the opinion that they both faked their own deaths to elope together. The AU in which they're both Roman! Or both Carthaginian! The AU in which they switch places. The AU in which it is a Pun-ic War (I LIKE PUNS). An AU in which the war goes differently -- maybe Rome surrenders after Cannae. Slavish devotion to historical accuracy not required! I'm looking for fic, not a research paper.

Extra prompts: Zombies in the Ancient Mediterranean! He's a Roman general, he's a Carthaginain general, their people have been at war for generations, TOGETHER THEY FIGHT CRIME. I'm pretty fond of both their familes and friend groups (including Scipio's wife) so feel free to include them! I am also open to non Hannibal/Scipio ships, like Hannibal/Maharbal or Scipio/Laelius or whatever -- or even ot3s including Hannibal and Scipio, like Aemilia/Hannibal/Scipio. I would love the AU in wich there -- somehow -- is no war and yet they find each other anyway. What about fic in which they fake their own deaths and elope?

Crossover prompts: Hannibal and Scipio in the mishmash world of 7wonders (at Ephesus!). Hannibal and Scipio vs Gwen of Thunder (or Hannibal & Gwen vs Scipio or Scipio and Gwen vs Hannibal or a three way fight). Hannibal, Scipio and timetravel shenanigans/17th century pirates! The Second Punic War on Battlworld! The Second Punic War, with blue aliens living under the Earth.

Secret Wars (Hickman/Ribić 2015 mini-series) (God Emperor Doom: Ruler of Battleworld, Valeria: Head of the Foundation)

What's the canon: Secret Wars is a Marvel miniseries set after the destruction of the entire Marvel multiverse, including both 616 (the main universe) and 1610 (the Ultimate universe). Except for a handful of pages at the very end, it is also set on Battleworld, a completely new universe made out of a patchwork of various non-616 and non-1610 Marvel universes. Battleworld is ruled over by God Emperor Doom and its sun is a transformed Johnny Storm -- both of which are only true in this specific universe. The handful of pages at the end that are not set on Battleworld are set on the Prime Earth, itself distinct from both Marvel 616 and Marvel 1610. (The first issue is a prologue, set in part on both 616 and 1610.)

Additional info:

I follow many Marvel comic series and have followed more in the past. Don't hesitate to crossover with the wider Marvel-verse; if you have questions about my familiarity with any given series, please ask through the mods. Here is my tag for this fandom.

Why I love it: It is batshit in the best possible ways! Doom as omnipotent (but not omniscient)
ruler is one of my favourite things and I never get tired of Marvel using it. The sun is actually Johnny Storm! The Shield around Battleworld is actually Ben Grimm! Reed Richards does not exist natively! Susan Storm is married to Doom! Doom and Strange working together (I have been wanting this since I read Triumph and Torment)! Complicated relationships all over the place, especially around Doom. Valeria getting to be smart!

BATTLEWORLD! I won't lie, Secret Wars is probably my favourite Marvel miniseries in ages. Doctor Doom is one of my favourite Marvel characters as is Valeria and their relationship -- and the mini-series gave excellent Doom and Valeria. It sadly lacked a bit in Doom & Valeria, which is a shame, because what little we get is fascinating ("Undying love and eternal patience are not the same thing, child."). So anything expanding on Doom and Valeria and/or God Emperor and Head of the Foundation would be great. I also like Susan and Strange a lot, so you're welcome to include them. And of course worldbuilding would be AMAZING.

Extra prompts: What about the time Doom gave the Foundation to Valeria? Or was that her idea? Valeria vs Strange! Or Valeria and Strange working together -- probably to convince Doom to relax for a bit. There are hints Valeria knows something's off even before the ship crashes. Maybe she confronts Doom over it and things go differently? Valeria finding Molecule Man! Future fic in which Battleworld remained and Doom gives Valera the God Emperor/Ruler of Battleworld mantel. How does Valeria feel about her mom's brother being the sun? What's it like for Doom to raise his goddaughter / Richards' daughter as his own? Valeria once built a lightsaber -- are there "Jedi" on Battleworld? Fell free to bring in other Marvel characters, like Wanda Maximoff or Cassie Lang, whether or not they already exist on Battleworld -- there can canonically be more than one version of people, after all.

Crossover prompts: All seven wonders of the Ancent world (and then some) are on Battleworld. Thor!Gwen, arbitrer of Doom's law! 17th century pirates with extra timetravel on top really wouldn't look out of place on Battleworld. Maybe one of the domains is stuck in the Second Punic War -- or in an AU in which it went differently. Why would Battleworld only be made of pieces of Earth -- maybe Vinea's there too.

Yoko Tsuno (Comics) (Khany)

What's the canon: It's a French comic about Yoko Tsuno, French electrical engineer of Japanese and Chinese descent. It has aliens on Earth, aliens in space, dragons, robots and two different kinds of timetravel!

Additional info: Here is my tag for this fandom. I'm not fussed on which, if any, diacritic you put in Khany's name (Khany/Khäny/Khâny, it's all good!).

Why I love it: Because it's super fun! It's got lots of great characters, various fun tropes and good art.

I ship Yoko/Khany really hard, but I requested Khany alone because I am equally interested in worldbuilding Vinea gen. I would also love something about Khany's family -- her twin sister young enough to be her daughter, her mother younger than she is, her father the AI -- in all its weird sci-fi glory. Including the child she made "with" Yoko; what was the fall-out of that? I don't think we see Khany ever interact with Monya or Olga, which is a shame. I'd love to read about how Khany and Yoko keep being ultimate-long-distance (girl)friends!

Extra prompts: Role reversal AU! Khany the human, Yoko the Vinean. A canon-divergent AU in which the Vineans didn't leave Earth and/or went public over their own existence. Fix-it for Le dragon de Hong Kong. Timetravel! 100% guaranteed Vinea has the tech somewhere and why should Yoko get all the fun? Vinea (and surrounding space) travelogue. Something about the telepathic communication headbands malfunctionning, be that losing all communication or amplifying too much communications. Vinea and Earth vs The Galactic Empire (or other bad guys). AU in which Yoko is trapped on Vinea. Also I like the robots.

Crossover prompts: The Vineans try to recreate the seven wonders and get it all weird. Gwen of Thunder the Vinean space explorer! Timetravelling pirates vs blueskinned aliens. Hannibal and Scipio as blue-skinned aliens? Vineans on Battleworld -- maybe Khany works for Valeria!

Thank you so much for writing for me!

(Comments welcome.)
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