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Dear Chocolatier

Thank you for writing for me! I'm sure whatever you write me will be wonderful.

Feel free to poke around this journal or my Ao3 account (username: sevenofspade) if you want to. My letters tag is here.

I have five Do Not Wants: incest, rape, child abuse, character death and dysphoria. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I do want. Here’s a partial list. (I obviously don’t expect you to stick all of these in one story, that would be impossible.)

General likes:

• Plot. I prefer it to both introspection and porn, but it doesn’t have to be a massive epic.

• Hopeful and/or bittersweet endings, just not the unrelenting grim darkness of the far future.

• FRIENDSHIP FIC. You can never go wrong with friendship fic as far as I’m concerned.

• Femslash, gen, het, poly and slash! I'm honestly not difficult. Most of my prompts are gen, but if you want to take them in a shippy direction, go right ahead! I've pointed out ships I ship, but if you ship something else, I'll gladly read it. I tend to ship ALL THE SHIPS.

• Dinosaurs.


• Historical AUs. If you're looking for something more specific, I'm always a sucker for the Second Punic War.

• Fandom AUs! Or better yet, fandom not!AUs, in which the canon is exactly the same, except everyone's in fandom!

• (Consider "They do yuletide [fandom exchange of your choice]" as your get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to plot.)

• Crack taken seriously.

• People on opposite side who care about each other! Whether it's enemies-turned-(grudging)-friends or friends-turned-(grudging)-enemies or any other variation on this theme, I love this trope very dearly.

• Complicated relationships and conflicted loyalties in general, really.

• Superpowers!

• Bodyswap!

• SCIENCE and ART and people really into either/both.

• Please feel free to make anyone not human as alien as you want. Alien biology! Alien psychology! Alien cultures! Alien aliens!

• Canon-divergent AUs! Allllllll the “WHAT IF” fics. ALL OF THEM.

• Identity porn! When someone (or several people) have secret identities (fannish, superheroic, all of the above, etc) and their interactions change depending on who's presenting as what at any given time.

• People being smart/competent!

• Timetravel! I love all the kinds of timetravel. The ones that create paradoxes and the ones that don't; the ones that are stable and the ones that aren't; the ones with alternate pasts/presents/futures and all the rest. Just. All the timetravel, yeah?

• Worldbuilding! Fuck yeah, worldbuilding. Tell me everything about a tiny (or not so tiny) canon detail. Show the parts of the world the canon never goes to. TELL ME ABOUT THE STORIES THEY TELL IN THAT UNIVERSE. (Seriously. Rewrite canon as a legend from that universe, that would be amazing.)

• Folktales/fairytales/etc.

• If all else fails, you can always stick any random combination of characters on a roadtrip/force them to work together and have them become friends and I will eat it up with a spoon.

Feel free to take prompts in whichever direction you like! And if none of my prompts work for you, then write whatever you want -- I'll be happy with anything.

Campaign (Podcast) (Any of: Bacta/Rendezvous "Vous-Vous" Valentine, Bacta/Zevowc, Leenik Geelo & Avaa Arek, Leenik Geelo/Tryst Valentine, Lyntel'luroon & Bacta, Lyntel'luroon & Tamlin Jorun, Lyntel'luroon/Aava Arek, Lyntel'luroon/Bacta, Lyntel'luroon/Bacta/Rendezvous "Vous-Vous" Valentine, Lyntel'luroon/Grizelle Jorun, Lyntel'luroon/Original Female Character, Lyntel'luroon/Original Princess Character, Lyntel'luroon/Rendezvous "Vous-Vous" Valentine, Lyntel'luroon/Zara "Princess" Zoisite, Pepper Tupp & Pine Coneman, Sneak/Tubaik, Tamlin Jorun & Bacta, Tamlin Jorun & Tony Vornskr)

I LOVE THIS DYSFUNCTIONAL SPACE FAMILY WITH ALL MY HEART (Also, when Lyn got confirmed as canonically queer I texted a friend immediately -- she is is the queer alien Indiana Jones of my heart.)

Tamlin is THE CUTEST; and the Tamlin-narrated noir episodes are probably my favourites -- I have a very real weakness for noir. Bacta is very good at giving me clone feelings (and lol forever at the "I like your voice" exchange with Zevowk). Leenik's friendship with Avaa is endlessly charming. BASICALLY I LIKE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood & Manga (Greed (Ling) & Ling Yao (Manga), Paninya & Winry Rockbell (Manga), Winry Rockbell & Scar (Fullmetal Alchemist) (Manga) )

The relationship between Greed and Ling is fascinating and I would totally be up for fix-it, if that strikes your fancy. Tbh, I started shipping Winry/Paninya the moment Winry started gushing about the craft of Paninya's automail. Winry + Scar is the FMA relationship I wish we'd seen SO MUCH MORE of -- it's so complex and human and lovely.

Historical RPF (Hannibal Barca/Scipio Africanus)

I have a MASSIVE thing for enemies who care about and respect each other and those two hit it IN SPADES.

Feel free to have them meet at times they haven't (as far as we know) met, like after Cannae or Zama. Anything expanding on the meeting at Ephesus would also be brilliant. I am, always and forever, of the opinion that they both faked their own deaths to elope together. The AU in which they're both Roman! Or both Carthaginian! The AU in which they switch places. The AU in which it is a Pun-ic War (I LIKE PUNS). An AU in which the war goes differently -- maybe Rome surrenders after Cannae. Slavish devotion to historical accuracy not required! I'm looking for fic, not a research paper.

Locke & Key (Any of: Kinsey Locke & Jackie Veda, Kinsey Locke & Jordan Gates, Kinsey Locke/Dodge, Kinsey Locke/Jackie Veda, Kinsey Locke/Jordan Gates)

ALL THE FIX-IT FICS. So you know the part where Kinsey suggests going to prom with Jackie? YEAH. I'd love for Jordan and Kinsey to start their one good action a day club. Also I love the worldbuilding in this series.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) (Jyn Erso/Mon Mothma (Rogue One) )

I've been shipping this since the first trailer. Mon's little smile when Jyn went "I rebel"! Anyway, what about a fix-it or maybe a canon-divergent AU. Undercover-as-Imperial!Jyn? Role reversal AU!

Star Wars: Rebels (Numa/Sabine Wren (Rebels) )

Femslash where they bond over explosions and have betrayed each other for their own goals in the past! Plus I think that there could be something really interesting made out of Numa's relationship with the clones (Boil & Waxer) and Sabine's Mandalorian origin. But mostly explosions and make-outs.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars (2008) - All Media Types (Padmé Amidala & Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Padmé Amidala/Riyo Chuchi (Clone Wars), Plo Koon & CC-3636 | Wolffe (Clone Wars), Plo Koon/CC-3636 | Wolffe (Clone Wars), Riyo Chuchi/Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars), Steela Gerrera/Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars) )

I really enjoyed all the politics episodes in Clone Wars, and not just because they featured Padmé. I just enjoy fictional power games a lot. I love both Padmé and Riyo Chuchi a lot! Either/both of them (plus Ahsoka?) being friends and doing politics and/or investigating a crime would be cool. I really love Ahsoka too! Her and Steela would be an awesome couple -- maybe future fic circa Rogue One? The relationship between Plo Koon and Wolfee, be it shippy or gen, gets me right in the clone feelings.

Thank you again so much for writing for me!

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