dhampyresa (dhampyresa) wrote,

Art prompts

I've brainstormed many ways to start this post, but in the end decided nobody gave a fuck, so I'll skip right ahead to the bottom line.

Please give me drawing prompts!

I'll draw fandom and original stuff. Please provide a reference and/or description, if I'm unfamiliar with the character(s). Can also be objects and/or landscapes -- the point is to stretch myself and draw new stuff.

Restriction: There is a non-zero chance various people will see what I'm drawing. Don't make me explain oviposition to my mom, please.

Aside from that, I'll give anything my best go. I'll most likely be working in pencil + coloured pencils and/or markers (at least one colour). I can't promise it'll be a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, but it should at least be decent on a technical level.

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