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Art prompts

I've brainstormed many ways to start this post, but in the end decided nobody gave a fuck, so I'll skip right ahead to the bottom line.

Please give me drawing prompts!

I'll draw fandom and original stuff. Please provide a reference and/or description, if I'm unfamiliar with the character(s). Can also be objects and/or landscapes -- the point is to stretch myself and draw new stuff.

Restriction: There is a non-zero chance various people will see what I'm drawing. Don't make me explain oviposition to my mom, please.

Aside from that, I'll give anything my best go. I'll most likely be working in pencil + coloured pencils and/or markers (at least one colour). I can't promise it'll be a heartbreaking work of staggering genius, but it should at least be decent on a technical level.

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Quit killing people, that's high profile

Trick or Treat reveals

I made two works for Trick or Treat! And I was very careful about not referring to them as fics, because one of them's only half fic.

The Revolution Will Be Illustrated (956 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Star Wars: Rebels
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Sabine Wren
Additional Tags: Mixed Media, Fanart, Fanfiction, Backstory, Character Study, Traditional Media, Digital Art
Summary: Sabine changes and her art changes with her.

According to the wishes of the artist, every piece is presented as it might have been at the time of its inception.

My assignment was [Unknown LJ tag] who requested both fic and art and ALL OF THE STAR WARS. I'm not sure which of the Star Wars we matched on, but it wasn't Rebels since I don't offer what I request.

Anyhow, my first thought was to write Sabine/Numa crackship femslash (although they have actually met and talked in canon so it's not that much of a crackship). I couldn't figure out how to make it work in the time that I had -- but now I know how to do it -- so I went with an idea I'd been vaguely thinking of before assignments went out.

Sabine is, canonically, an artist, so I wanted to do a character study through her art.

So I did! It's a combination of backstory (+ futurefic) and character study, with art. Sabine's an Imperial cadet turned bounty hunter turned Rebel by the time we meet her in canon. The fic is split in three parts: one at the Imperial Academy on Mandalore, another while she's a bounty hunter and one last one set after Return of the Jedi.

Fic-wise, I tried to reflect the dehumanising effect of the Empire by having names creep into the narrative as Sabine spends time away: first part has no names, second part has other people's names and last part has her name. You can see that in the in-story titling of the artwork too.

I mirrored that in the art by having colour creep into the pictures. First one's black and white (+ red), second one is blue monochrome (+ red) and the last one is in full colour. And now I'm going to talk more about said art.

Collapse )

The title of the work is a reference to Gil Scott-Heron's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

It was really, really hard for me to give someone art as a gift, even with fic associated with it. I kept having to talk myself into it -- "It's not good enough!" "Self, the writing part alone is three times the minimum requirement! POST THE THING."

(Also while I was fiddling with it I managed to accidentally default on my assignment. *facepalm* I PM'd the exchange mod who gave me back the assignment -- but didn't tell me, so if I hadn't noticed will posting Out of the Cold that my assignment count had gone back up, I might have stayed defaulted.)

Filling my assignment took up a lot of time and brainspace, so I only made one treat for the exchange.

the ruin of the soul (669 words) by sevenofspade
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Haggar (Voltron)
Additional Tags: Mad Science, ToT: Monster Mash
Summary: A day in the life of Haggar, mad scientist of the Galra Empire.

The title comes from François Rabelais' Pantagruel: "Science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul". And while "Science sans conscience n'est que ruine de l'âme" is a MASSIVELY famous quote in France, it sadly not so in English and suddenly I sound really pretentious quoting 16th century French authors? So I figured "in for a pretentious penny, in for a pretentious pound" and didn't capitalise the title at all. (*dodges pitchforks from the title police*)

I hesitated to tag Shiro in this, but Haggar doesn't consider him a person I went with not tagging him.

This fic also features all of my Voltron headcanons, except the one about Pidge being a K-drama protagonist an adult woman who is both short and can pass as a boy. To wit, it features the following: Collapse ). While writing it I also gave myself the headcanon that Haggar gave Shiro the white lock in his hair deliberately.

Idk, apparently my theme this ToT was "artists and their art". Both fics were betaed by the ever excellent chiiyo86, who I can finally credit now that author reveals are here.

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Reading kitten!

WIP Big Bang

I made art!

Twice, even. One is chalk and (very limited) pastels on black paper, the other is watercolours (+ a felt tip marker) on watercolour paper. In both cases I had to fiddle a bit with digital editing: to glue together the different parts of the too-big-to-scan chalk pieces and to make the colours of the watercolour come out better.

It's for [archiveofourown.org profile] Nightsmistress / [personal profile] batman Old Kingdom series story, building the kingdom with our deviant hearts. Spoilers for Clariel.

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Go read the story, it's great!

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You tell him, Gwen Stacy


Scarlet Witch 7 came out recently.

I don't know if I want to read it.

On the one hand: WANDA MAXIMOFF ♥!

On the other hand: issue #6 used French national tragedies in a really crass way that really soured me on it.

On the third, tentacular, hand: It doesn't matter whether I read this comic or not. Really, it doesn't! Because I, being French, do not count as a costumer for Marvel in the first place! Seriously, folks. I cannot boycott shit even when I want to, because I am not a costumer. It's really that simple. I cannot vote with my dollars, because Marvel would not have been getting my dollars anyway (or my euros).

On the fourth, robot, hand: I feel like nobody gives a single fuck how offensive Scarlet Witch #6 was. I haven't seen anyone else say anything about it. And that's fine, not everyone has to be offended by the same things! I just feel a little alone. (I suppose Marvel doesn't have to care if they lose my business.)

On the fifth hand: I don't know. I guess this makes me not a real fan.

Often when I pass the place where I've hung original artwork of Gwen Stacy on one wall facing original artwork of Wanda Maximoff on the other, I think about how cool a team-up between those two would be.

I think I need some sort of three strikes system, like "If you feel the need to vent about X more than three times, time to consider if getting rid of X in your life wouldn't be a good idea". (Not that this is always feasible, but. You know.)

MY DRAWINGS ARE TOO BIG! Seriously. I have a pastel work that's too big for my art folder. That's never happened before; usually I feel a little self-conscious about how much bigger than my works the folder is. I need a new folder.

I also need to figure out if my scanner drivers survived the recent system reboot and how to scan gigantic artwork.

I had semi-impromptu lunch with one the fandom folks today and it was lovely ♥!

We spent the entire time talking in French. I don't think I've ever spent this long speaking about fandom in French before.

In 1862, Gustave Flaubert published a novel, Salammbô, in which Hannibal Barca is a character. I haven't read it.

This is mostly because the novel is entirely straight-faced about and in part responsible for how popular the image of Carthaginians sacrificing children is -- and I am always very wary of taking the words of the victors about the habits of the people they commited genocide upon. (Flaubert, by necessity, drew only on Roman sources.)

Also, it takes place right after the First Punic War, while Hannibal is still a child -- by all accounts his role in the novel is minimal -- and I'm really more about the Second than First Punic War.

That said, I did enjoy what I saw of it in the tome 2 of the Koblenz comic (Marcher dans Carthage une nuit sans lune) -- the comic had some very pointed commentary about how purity != virginity, too, which I appreciated -- especially the veil of Tanith, that was some awesome stuff. Anyway, I have the Lone Sloane/IN SPACE adaptation of the Faluber novel by Druillet somewhere, I think, maybe I should read that.

Anyway, not only did the novel give its name to one pf my favourite Indochine song, Salombo (Hanoi 2006 orchestral version), but I recently discovered it's also given its name to a pastry.

So naturally I had to try it. It's okay. It's a lot like an eclair.

I finally signed up for fandomgiftbox.
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Reading kitten!

Coincidentally enough this is how I learned to swim

Swimming: 50 laps! Go me. Today: 50 * 25 = 1 250. Total before today: 1 600. Total today: 2 850 / 590 000.

I got to talking with bunn about pastels, so here's my current pastel project. I need to work on: realism, expressions, shadows, wavy hair and contrast. I picked a still from Revenge of the Sith, because I really hate copying, so if I'm going to copy a thing, I am going to copy something I am interested in, ie Star Wars (and the lighting on Mustaphar is amazing and super interesting to work with).

I picked pastels as a medium because I rarely do pastels on account of how it's hard to do fiddly details in pastels, but I am also trying to stop focusing on details so much so here I am PRACTICING EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

Fyi, would not reccoment anyone actually do this. It's the art equivalent of someone taking away your floaters, throwing you into a river and going "now you swim back to shore".

Collapse )

The line-art's not detailed because I am hoping to be working solely with colour to make it work. We shall see.

Guess what, it's also in a colour scheme I don't use a lot.

I am quite tempted to sign-up for [community profile] femmeremix . I enjoyed the remixing part of the Remix challenge I did last year -- but that was the only part I enjoyed. I hear this one is much better run!

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Natasha and red

An experiment in costume design

As you know, reader-Bob, I draw. I draw a lot more than I mention it, because I (try to) draw every day. I think I average about 2/3 days over a year, with month-long stretches in which I draw every day and ones I don't, which I try to keep as short as possible.

Anyway, I've recently gotten out of an art-slump. One of the hardest parts of getting out of art-slumps is getting back into the process of coming up with one new idea for a drawing a day. I mean, it's always the hardest part -- do you know how many boring 3/4 headshots of people looking to the right I have? so many -- but it's especially hard after a slump.

I used to have series/themes to get over this. My favourite was the "Heroines in History" one, where I would redesign a costume from a superheroine based on historical costumes. I haven't had a theme in a while, maybe I should pick one up.

All this to say, ereyesterday, I came up with "Rey as Queen of Naboo" as a concept for what I was drawing. I've drawn Rey and Padmé several times each recently -- the Naboo royal facepaint makes it very easy to 'structure' a portrait -- so it seemed like a good idea.

After figuring out the costume, I came up with a better drawing of it the next day, so you get both under the cut. (Mixed media: markers + coloured pencils. Took me about 30 mns each.)

Collapse )

Anyway, I'm not quite sure how this AU comes around, whether it's a "nothing went wrong in the prequels or ever" AU or a "Rey got left on Naboo instead of Jakku" AU or what. AU idea, free to a good home!

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This is my life

A couple of things related to art

I've managed to find a way to draw regularly again! I can't believe it took me months to combine "need to do something with hands will watching TV" with "need time to draw" to arrive at the conclusion of "draw while watching TV". I'm watching Elementary currently while drawing and I'm doing a little over a drawing an episode, on average. This is slower than I would like/I used to be, but at least I'm drawing again. I've missed it so much! I'm running out of things to draw, because I haven't gotten into the habit of coming up with art ideas again yet, which brings me to:


Who wants to make one with me? I'm thinking something short (5-10 pages), probably with colour. My palette's kind of limited right now, fyi, because all I've got is a set of 24 markers. Any fandom I know is good!

I realise that most of you probably haven't seen anything I've drawn yet, so have an Amora I drew recent-ish. I have more recent drawings, but they come out grey-ish, for some reason. I'm investigating.

That's about the sort of colouring you can expect. I might try doing fancy things with transparency or my markers might run out on the middle of things, but that's the general idea of things.

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Reading kitten!


Hi everyone!

I made public a few (fic) entries for the Friending meme, so feel free to poke around.

By the way, here's where my username comes from. Yes, because I am totally a vampire, yes.

Also, people I said I would write/draw/do something for, or even mentionned something, could you remind me? I'm making a to do list (I'll write you something if you ask me).
Reading kitten!

My class time is very productive

Reposted from steampowers .

Artist: Me (dhampyresa )
Summary: Lots of art (done in class on note paper.)
Warning: Sketchiness, lines, anatomy!fail, more lines, clothing!fail, hats!fail and general fail. Also lines.

(Sorry for the lines but Photoshop hates me right now.)

Collapse )

(By the way, I own a fob watch. If you need references of one, drop me a line.)

There. I hope I didn't bore you too much with this awful post. (If this is not up to the comm's standards, which I would totally understand, feel free to delete this mods.)</div>