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Reading kitten!

Dear Yuletide Writer 2016 Letter

Thank you for writing for me! I'm sure whatever you write me will be wonderful.

Feel free to poke around this journal or my Ao3 account (username: sevenofspade) if you want to. My letters tag is here.

I have five Do Not Wants: incest, rape, child abuse, character death and dysphoria. When these are canon, please don't focus on them. I would also prefer not to have to deal with people losing things important to them and toxic living arrangements, be that family or roomates. Thank you.

On the other hand, there are a lot of things I do want. Here’s a partial list. (I obviously don’t expect you to stick all of these in one story, that would be impossible.)

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Feel free to take prompts in whichever direction you like! And if none of my prompts work for you, then write whatever you want -- I'll be happy with anything. Crossovers between any of my requested fandoms are welcome.

EDIT OCTOBER 12 FOR MORE PROMPTS (Specifically, I've added "Extra prompts" and "Crossover prompts" paragraphs to every requests.)

7 Wonders (Board Game) (Any of: Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Pyramids of Giza, Temple of Artemis in Ephesus)

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Gwen Variants (Marvel Variant Covers) (Gwen Stacy | Gwen of Thunder (Thors #1 Gwen Variant Cover) )

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Le Déchronologue - Stéphane Beauverger (Any of: Brieuc, Henri Villon, Sévère)

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Punic Wars RPF (Hannibal Barca, Publius Cornelius Scipio Africanus Maior)

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Secret Wars (Hickman/Ribić 2015 mini-series) (God Emperor Doom: Ruler of Battleworld, Valeria: Head of the Foundation)

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Yoko Tsuno (Comics) (Khany)

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Thank you so much for writing for me!

(Comments welcome.)
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fluctuat nec mergitur

Stéphane Beauverger's Le Déchronologue

Je suis le capitaine Henri Villon et je mourrai bientôt.

Non, ne ricanez pas en lisant cette sentencieuse présentation. N’est-ce pas l’ultime privilège d’un condamné d’annoncer son trépas comme il l’entend ? C’est mon droit. Et si vous ne me l’accordez pas, alors disons que je le prends.

I am captain Henri Villon and I will die soon.

No, don't smirk when reading that pretentious opening. Isn't it the last priviledge of the condemned to proclaim their death however they wish? It is my right. And if you don't grant it to me, then let us say I'm taking it.

That's how the story starts. Or ends, rather.

Le Déchronologue is the story of Henri Villon, a pirate captain in the Carabbeans of the 17th century. The story is told in non-linear order, jumping from 1653 when those first lines in the prologue are penned to 1640 when the first chapter starts. From Villon on his futuristic timeship being blown up to Villon as pirate captain investigating maravillias is quite a jump, but it's not the story's greatest jump.

Every chapter begins by telling you when and where it's set, for example "Archipel inexploré de la Baja Mar (CIRCA 1652)" ('Unexplored archipelago of the Baja Mar (circa 1652)') a chapter which immediately follows "Désert du Yucatan (FIN DU TEMPS CONNU)" ('Yucatan Desert (END OF KNOWN TIME)').

That's right. We're travelling to THE END OF TIME. #YOLO

So that's the structure of the book. A book that jumps around in time, because it's a book about timetravellers fucking with the timeline and the tenacious pirate captain who decides to fuck back.

The entire book (excepting epilogue) is told via Villon's journal of the last 13 or so years of his life, written on the eve of the last battle (where he gets blown up in the prologue). Villon is uncompromising with his faults (or other people's), a right bastard at times, an honourable man more often, utterly devoted to his quest for knowledge about what the maravillias are and what they can do, moody, tenacious, with a sharp wit and sense of irony, stingy on backstory and, very importantly, a survivor of the Siege of La Rochelle.

Villon's not just French, he's a Protestant Huguenot -- you can imagine how much that endears him to the Catholic Spaniards chasing him.

That Villon is a survivor of the Siege of La Rochelle is one of the first thing we learn about him and it informs SIGNIFICANT parts of his characters. It may not look like it at first, but Villon is deeply self-hating, bordering at times on nihilism, and has massive issues regarding women and children. In fact, his very drive to figure out the maravilias is born of what he did/was complicit in the Siege of La Rochelle.

If you don't know what happened at the Siege of La Rochelle -- or you're like me and you learned about it in school and later you forgot -- it's eventually revealed in text what happened. It comes in the book after several ominous references to it -- Villon at one point has a very bad acid rip and hallucinates the screams of the children, that sort of thing -- and in the specific scene after he's been pushed about on both the fact that he's a Huguenot and that he researches the maravilias. This is what he has to say about it:

— Moi j’y étais, au siège de La Rochelle, au nom de la Réforme et de la foi. Et je fus de ceux qui en chassèrent les plus faibles quand la famine fut sur nous, pour gagner encore un peu de temps et préserver les assiégés en état de combattre. Je les ai vus et entendus, ces malheureux, bannis sur nos ordres, errer et agoniser chaque jour un peu plus, piégés entre nos murs et les rangs de l’armée de monsieur de Richelieu qui avait refusé de les laisser passer. Et si c’est diablerie que de promouvoir des moyens de conserver boissons et aliments des années durant sans risquer de les voir se gâter, si c’est diablerie de produire de la lumière sans flamme, de soigner l’incurable et de s’efforcer de sauver son prochain, alors Satan est mon maître et je suis son serviteur, et je compisse vos gueules de rats putrides !

"I was there, me, at the siege of La Rochelle, in the name of faith and the Reformation. And I was one of those who drove out the weakest when famine was upon us, to win a little more time and keep the assieged able to fight. I saw and I heard them, those poor souls, banished on our orders, wander and die slowly every day a little more, trapped between our walls and the ranks of Richelieu's army who refused to let them through. And if it is the devil's work to promote ways to keep drink and food for years without risking that they'll rot, if it is the devil's work to produce light without flame, to heal the incurable and try to save your neighbour, then Satan is my master and I am his servant, and I piss on your stinky rat faces!

Like, wow, okay, Villon. OKAY. I understand perfectly, but at the same time, it is hilariously enough not the only time in the book where Villon calls himself Satan's servant/footman.

So that's Villon.

The book is populated with a very varied cast, from the nigh incomprehensible Féfé de Dieppe to the Baptist, who ends literally able to walk through time. Also Brieuc. I really like Brieuc, who is probably the kindest person in the entire book -- something Villon really admires (I ship them) -- and dies for his trouble. The most prominent of the secondary characters, however, are Sévère, Mendoza and Arcadio, all of whom are both interesting in their own right and have fascinating relationships to Villon.

Sévère is not her real name. She's a timetraveller who is no longer allowed to timetravel and so has to rely on Villon. Well. She doesn't HAVE to, but she does. Villon is madly in love with her, something he realises is a great weakness -- but he saved her and as I've said above, he has massive issues about not being able to sav women -- and it's something she finds... useful, I guess. She doesn't dislike him and she's not just using him, but she is using him and they both know it. She likes him, even, by her own admission but "not like that" and Villon respects that. He can't stop himself from hoping she'll love him back, but he respects that she doesn't.

Mendoza is a Spanish corsair. You can imagine how he (Catholic, Spanish, corsairr) feels towards Villon (Protestant, French, pirate) when they first meet. It does not go well! Mendoza basically tortures him and they remain hilariously polite towards each other. The next time they meet, Mendoza helps Villon escape from jail, sort of. Then Mendoza tries to go back to Spain CROSSES HIS OWN TIMESTREAM somehow survives with his sanity sort of intact and becomes Villon second-in-command as well as the owner of the journals we're reading. (I ship it.)

Arcadio is Villon's one-time cellmate who forms an unlikely friendship with him. The most important thing about Arcadio, though, is that he's a Maya. Specifically, he's an Itza from Noj Peten. As such he has a bone to pick with the Spanish Empire and the Itza having been granted, via the vagaries of timetravel bullshit affecting the world in the story, the means to fight back against the Spanish, they fight back. They fight back with gusto, because the Spanish Empire might be the Spanish Empire, but it doesn't hold a candle to machine guns and time cannons or even something as simple as easy long-distance communications via radios. The Itza are presented as entirely justified in wanting revenge from the Spanish -- by no means are Spanish atrocities glossed over, from the first chapter we are introduced to the idea that the Spanish have resorted to human experimentation to figure out the maravilias, including deliberately exposing captives to malaria -- but as time goes on Villon starts to see that the religious zeal of the Itza reminds him far too much of La Rochelle.

There is one more thing to talk about and it's THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. Spoilers, it's not actually the Flying Dutchman, it's actually AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Specifically, the USS George Washington.

Because see, while all the radios and boxes of quinine and machine guns and mp3 players and history books (lol forever at Villon's reaction to learning about Mary Read and Anne Bonny) and cheap IKEA furniture is being thrown back to the 17th century for anyone to grab, sell and use, so has a mysterious vessel that pirates and corsairs of the time alike decide to call the Flying Dutchman, because it is unlike anything they have ever seen both in firepower and mode of propulsion.

In the climax/end of the book, Villon and what's left of the all the fleets, pirate or not, of the time (plus some timetravelling pirates, like François le Clerc and SIR FRANCIS DRAKE, not even kidding), all go up against the Flying Dutchman. They have a plan. It's a great plan! But in the end they're 17th and 16th century pirates and they're going up against a fucking nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

They die. They all die. Including Villon, who told us so right there at the beginning and Sévère who dies in his arms before the ship gets blown up.


But Villon's ship isn't just a 17th century pirate ship, is it? It's Le Déchronologue, which has been equiped with time cannons by one of the various parties of time travellers fucking with the time stream. And so in the end, in what is for me one of the most striking images in the book, a flurry of time displaced Déchronologues appear and then disappear through a tear in time, taking the Flying Dutchman with them.

We're told of this by Mendoza, who had been told to stay behind. Having met the Americanos during their short-lived alliance with the Spanish, it was decided he'd be best able to save the city if all else failed.

I won't say I'm not sad Villon died, because I am, but I was a fitting end and could have ended no other way. He tried so hard to convince everyone, even himself, that he wasn't a hero, but he was, in the end. And he was never going to let an injustice stand or let predetermination win out over free will.

(And now I shall go re-read the book in chronological order.)


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Reading kitten!

Reading Wednesday

What did you finish reading

My old list:

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I read a bunch of stuff since then, I think, but my last reading wednesday was back in July so all I know for sure is that I finished Grass King's Concubine and it was GREAT. /adds to list

Why do I still have stuff from 2015 on this list. WHY.

What are you reading now

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne: Stalled.

Paris fais nous peur: 100 lieux du crime, de l'étrange et de l'irrationnel, by Claudine Hourcadette et Marc Lemonier: Reborrowed this from library!

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: I'm still a chapter and a half from the end of the book. My plans to nominate and request this for yuletide are no longer happening. I have to say that unless something completely unexpected happens I still expect to reread the book right after I'm done, except in chronological order this time. (Book is non-linear.)

Partial list of comics I am following and/or haven't caught up with, which I will add to as I remember them:
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What are you reading next

The letters from [community profile] swrarepairs ! And not just because I am the mod* in charge of the letter spreadsheet, but also because I want to write so many treats.

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* What, you thought there was only one mod? "Always two there are. A master and an apprentice."

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Reading kitten!

Reading Wednesday (Ish)

Confession: For the past week or so, I have been getting home and then going to sleep pretty much right away, so I haven't read much of anything. Including DW/LJ, etc.

I have been planning my GB trip this August, by increments of about 10mn every day and did have a fairly hilarious moment where I had a map of Wales open in one window and a map of Brittany in the other and at one point got confused by which was which -- turns out Welsh and Breton placenames are even more similar than I thought!

I'm flying out August 3, btw. This is actually happening!

What did you finish reading

Surprisingly enough, after that little speech, a bunch of comics!

Here's a list (of finished arcs only), hopefully to be detailed when I am not falling asleep at my keyboard:
Year of Marvel: July
Lucifer v2 1-6
DC Comics Bomshells 1-36 (Year One)
Spider-Gwen v2 1-6
Toil and trouble 1-6
Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders 1-2
The Spire 1-8

I'm done with reading [community profile] ladybusiness . I was reading the community for media recs. I was not reading to be called a "shit garbage eater". Truthfully, I have/had other issues with the community -- and epecially the way the posters seem to consider it their private space LOL NO -- but that was the last straw. (Three strikes policy, go me! Enacting change and what not.)

I guess the above list of comics can join the following list of things I should talk about:
Le Jardin des silences
Prince of Cats
Sandman Overture
Spider-Gwen v1
The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl v1
Magnus Chase and the Sword of Asgard
The Red Pyramid
Tumulte à Rome

2016 (finished)

Marie des dragons intégrale
volume 4 of Les aigles de Rome
Cixi de Troye
Star Wars Shattered Empire
Star Wars Princess Leia

I fail at booktalk.

What are you reading now

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne
Paris fais nous peur: 100 lieux du crime, de l'étrange et de l'irrationnel, by Claudine Hourcadette et Marc Lemonier

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: This book continues to be amazing. I read half a chapter, a whole chapter, another chapter. Given the non-linear nature of the book, that means I've gone through three completely different periods of the narrator's life.

During the first half-chapter, Villon, our narrator/protagonist has: made it to the Itza capital as a guset/prisoner, gone on THE WORST TRIP EVER (with hints that the siege of La Rochelle was even more fucked up than I thought it to be before) and learned some more about where the maravillias come from. Tbh, I thought the kid at the end was Arcadio-as-a-child due to timetravel fuckery at one point, but I guess not.

During the whole chapter, Villon had some serious talk with Sévère and Mendoza about fighting The Flying Dutchman SPOILER THE FLYING DUTCHMAN IS AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER. Also, he is absurdly in love with Sévère: "Mort de moi, je lui aurais confié ma vie, les mains liées et sa dague sur ma gorge!" ("Death of me [this is an expletive, fyi], I would have trusted her with my life, hands bound and her dagger at my throat.") Like, damn, Villon, rein it in. Also also, I really enjoy all aspects of the Villon and Mendoza relationship, be that at this point in the timeline, when Villon is ruling a floating city and Mendoza is his second-in-command despite being screamingly insane as a reslut of having crossed his own timestream or earlier when Mendoza helped Villon (and Arcadio) escape the Spanish jail in, iirc, Carthagena by conveniently losing his knife.

During the other half chapter: Villon meets Mendoza for the first time! By getting captured by Mendoza because Villon is a French pirate, Mendoza works for the Spanih crown and the year is 1640 in the Carabbeans. It's not entirely unlike Beaton's Nemesis comic.

In conclusion: This book continues to be insane in the best possible way.

Partial list of comics I am following and/or haven't caught up with, which I will add to as I remember them:
Scarlet Witch (maybe?)
The Wicked + the Divine (sort of. When I remember it exists)
Doctor Strange
Vote Loki
Detective Comics
Han Solo
Stargate Atlantis Back to Pegasus
DC Bombshells
Contest of Champions
The Beauty
New Avengers
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl
The Ultimates
Batman & Robin Eternal

What are you reading next

More comics, probably. Right now I'm considering:
Black Panther

Maybe something in French, idk.


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Reading kitten!

Reading Wednesday (abridged)

I spent a lot of time this past week dealing with [community profile] nightonficmountain related stuff. There were several issues, some of which I was responsible for, some of which I was not. At one point I was both "comes back with pizza to find everything on fire" and "mod laughing alone with salad" making me "mod with salad on fire" -- this metaphor got away from me. Anyway, [personal profile] morbane is amazing and a lifesaver. You're the best, Morbane.


Finished reading

Continuing me making my way down the list of stuff I read in 2015. (I know. Shut up.)

Collapse )

Chats d'oeuvre, by Susan Herbert (read in 2015): It's a book redoing classic works of art and movie posters with cats as the stars. It's cute, but that's it.

Still reading

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: One more chapter. Everything still batshit and amazing. Villon (our narrator) experiences first hand the effect of time canons and some of his crew get really fucking creepy after catching a case of the oraculars -- I'm being glib, there's no such thing as the oracular, but that one guy does say something to the effect of "the Oracle of Deplhi saw the paths of the future, I walk its crossroads" and given this book it could be totally literal!

Partial list of comics I am following, which I will add to as I remember them:
Scarlet Witch
The Wicked + the Divine (sort of. When I remember it exists)

AND fannishly I am reading the fancomic Star Wars Destinies and it is very good!

Reading next


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This is as far along in these shows that I have watched. I would love to talk about any of these. No spoilers for currently airing shows, please, but I don't care about shows that are complete.

I'm going to try and move this to another post at some point (Telly Tuesday?).

Jessica Jones (s1e2 00:00)
Supergirl (s1e3 00:00)
Agent Carter (s2e3)
Lucifer (s1e13 00:00)
Legends of Tomorrow (s1e12 00:00)
Clone Wars (s3e16 00:00)
Underground (s1e7 00:00)
Shannara (s1e6 00:00)
Daredevil (s2e1 00:00)

Lucifer: OMG WHAT WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT WHAT I thought this would be the last episode, but there's one more. (13 episodes, it's pretty fitting.) I am both excited and apprehensive. Please everyone be okay.

Also, I love the friendship between Chloe and Lucifer -- even though she doesn't believe he's THE Lucifer, she does believes he believes it, so when it matters she'll play along. Also also OMG MAZE IS AMAZING OMG. Some brilliant acting from all three of the supernatural trio and I really enjoyed that fight scene.

Also also also, I love that the show sticks to its guns with regards to Lucifer only ever wanting "to be [his] own man" and with regards to the philosophy of Lucifer is a giant dork, humans are the real evil.

Legends of Tomorrow: I loved this episode. It had all the Western tropes I love. It reminded me of the third Back to the Future movie, but in a good way. KENDRA AND SARA ON A ROADTRIP I loved it and mostly got two things out of that scene: aw, past!Carter was called Hannibal (this show knows me too well) and the obvious loophole to "loving non!Carter dudes doesn't work" is LOVE A LADY Sara is right there (also, I wouldn't exactly call whatever happens when you love Carter working, old!Kendra) I really loved Captain Cold this epsiode, but then I always love Captain Cold. I am forever entertained by Wentworth Miller on this show and this episode's black ensemble looked really good on him. And I like that he got to bond with Stein. The Jonah Hex/Rip Hunter vibes were massive. All this said, I would have liked slightly less Ray and slightly more Jax.

Underground: I feel like every week I praise the twists on this show, but guys IT HAS THE BEST TWISTS but they are so good and I don't wanna spoil them but I wanna talk about them but... also I am now shipping all combinations of Rosalee/Noah/Cato, idc.

Clone Wars: I don't even know what is going on with this fucking show anymore.

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Reading kitten!

Reading Thursday!

Entirely on purpose this time.


Finished reading

I'm going to slowly make my way through this list, one book at a time. See if I don't!

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D'un monde à l'autre (La Quête d'Ewilan, tome 1) by Pierre Bottero (read in 2015): The last time I tried re-reading a book I loved from my childhood, it was the Livre des Etoiles series and it didn't go so well.

So I was kind of apprehensive with rereading the La Quête d'Ewilan trilogy, but there was no need! THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING.

The book follows Camille and her best friend Salim, teenagers from a small French town. Camille semi-accidentally discovers that she has magical powers and is in fact the titular Ewilan. In an interesting twist on the "normal teenage girl discovers she's from another world" trope, she is not the heir to a throne (or two, like Tara Duncan is -- kind of what that crossover now, ngl). She's the child of two very powerful magic users who sacrificed themwelves to save the kingdom from the Ts'liches.

The Ts'liches are the main antagonists of this trilogy. They are a cross between a giant lizard and a giant praying mantis, they're two meters tall at least and they are fucking terrifying. I love them, they're amazing fantasy villains.

One thing I didn't notice when reading these books the first time was how racially mixed Gwendalavir is. The first three people met in Gwendalavir are Bjorn (blond), the next one is described by Salim as "as dark as he was" (Salim has Cameroonian origins, fyi) and Edwin who I imagine as looking like Alexander Siddig because that's exactly what he's described as looking as.

Also, Ellana appears in this book and I love Ellana a lot! I especially love that while Ellana ends up falling in love with Edwin and taking Salim on as her apprentice (she's a Marchombre, a rogue/thief type of thing), the friendship between her and Ewilan is given a lot of narrative weight.

The plot of this book involves Ewilan going on a very dangerous quest to the Beaux-Arts of Paris to find her older brother, so he can fight in the war against the Ts'liches in her stead. Normally I would be angry to have a girl hero be replaced by a boy hero, but here it's framed pretty explicitly as the adults going "EWILAN YOU ARE A CHILD your brother is an adult. We're not involving children in this war if we can avoid it" which is an entirely reasonable stance for responsible adults to take.

As it turns out, Ewilan's brother (a) has not inherited his parents' power, (b) wants nothing to do with this war, holy shit are you people bonkers and (c) actually enjoys life on Earth, by contrast with Camille and Salim who have no reason to stay, as they are friendless and neglected by their families -- part of the reason they go looking for Matthieu is even that they think they can leverage that into being able to stay in Gwendalavir.

In light of (a), (b) and (c), the adults reluctantly agree to let Ewilan help with the war effort. She is both The Ultimate Magic User (their magic is called Drawing -- "le Dessin" -- and I really like how it works) and one of very few people who can not only teleport, but teleport between worlds, but she is also only thirteen and they really were hoping they wouldn't have to involve a child in this war.

I need to read the other books already. There's another two in this trilogy, another trilogy and then the Ellana-focused trilogy.

Still reading

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: I read a whole chapter of this this week and omg this book is batshit in THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY.

I had to flip back to the first chapter to remind myself who a specific character was and in the process remembered that I am shipping Henri Villon/Yves Brieuc pretty hard and also, wow, I love all the research that went into writing this book. The siege of La Rochelle! Motherfucking Richelieu's siege of La Rochelle (yes, the one from the painting)! Villon was there and he is so sketchy about the whole thing.

I want to do a chronological reread at some point. The book is in non-linear order.

Things that happened this chapter: someone was talking about "gaudy, mismatched furniture [from the future]" and so I am choosing to believe that tense scene happened in a room entirely furnished with cheap IKEA knock-offs, Villon arrived in Tortuga while blaring some (iirc country) music through speakers on his boat as you do and Villon and Le Vasseur's conversation basically boiled down to "I'm not threatening you, I'm just saying I know how you die AND YOU DON'T neerneerneer".

I just really love all the clever things it's doing with the concept of "Pirates of the Carabbeian + time travel".

Partial list of comics I am following, which I will add to as I remember them:
Scarlet Witch
The Wicked + the Divine (sort of. When I remember it exists)

Reading next

Changes: I have decided I would read City of Blades and I've added Slow Bullets by Alastair Reynolds via a rec from [personal profile] yhlee . I have also decided that I wouldn't read two books by men in a row (comics somewhat excluded from this, because tracking down authorship of comics is a hassle).

Collapse )


This is as far along in these shows that I have watched. I would love to talk about any of these. No spoilers for currently airing shows, please, but I don't care about shows that are complete.

Jessica Jones (s1e2 00:00)
Supergirl (s1e3 00:00)
Agent Carter (s2e3)
Lucifer (s1e11 23:00)
Legends of Tomorrow (s1e11 00:00)
Clone Wars (s3e11 00:00)
Underground (s1e6 00:00)
Shannara (s1e6 00:00)
Daredevil (s2e1 00:00)

Lucifer: MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZE! I am fascinated by every single interaction she has with everyone, be that Dr Linda (I ship it), Chloe, Lucifer, Amenadiel or Trixie.

Legends of Tomorrow: I am really enjoying this team of losers. That's right, you have superpowers! Good on you for remembering this time.

Clone Wars: I keep boggling at how bad at politics Anakin is, seriously. He's a very all-or-nothing kind of guy and as Aaron Burr would say politics is "the art of the compromise / Hold your nose and close your eyes". (I have a file of Clone Wars notes, lmao.) Ahsoka's new duds are cool.

Underground: THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD. Seriously, it has the best twists.

OTHER STUFF (Reading related)

I seem to be mostly in a "fanfic" phase, reading wise. If I were to post about the fics I was reading, would anyone be interested?

Also, I occasionally find interesting stuff on the internet, I probably should toss them in these.

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This is my life

Not a reading wednesday

I got so caught up in stuff (for my own ref: five! HAHAHA FIVE!), including [community profile] nightonficmountain noms approval that I forgot it was Wednesday. My bad.

Collapse )

Still reading

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne
Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger.

I managed to read one chapter of Le Déchronologue. This story is batshit in the best possible way. SERIOUSLY. It is so good. SO GOOD.

I have also caught up on the Lucifer v2 comic run and I am enjoying it so far. I'll wait until the end of this arc to talk about it, though.

Speaking of the devil, I am officially all caught up with Lucifer (so episode 9, as I write this). Way back when the trailer came out, I said I was "cautiously interested". I've grown ever more fond of this show as it went on, in a cheesy, dorky, surprisingly enjoyable given everything, but not terribly challenging sort of way -- which, tbh, is exactly what I want in my visual entertainment right now.

Then the ending to episode 9 hit me like a ton of bricks. Specifically, the first minute or so of this vid:

Look at him. Look at how angry he is.

It's always been my favourite interpretation of the Lucifer myth when it's not about power alone, but about free will. When it's not so much about reigning in Hell as it is about not serving in Heaven. About being free.

I never thought the show would get anywhere close to this sort of metaphysical interrogation, because it seemed so far content to be Lucifer learns to human (guest-starring supernatural shenanigans). It hasn't been afraid to shake its own status quo (see the endings of the last two episodes), but it hasn't gone into anything like this before.

It's a really pleasant surprising that it's gone there. I am always here for Predestination vs Free Will.

I am, always and forever, Team Free Will. And if that makes me of the Devil's party?

Then hell yes I'm gonna party.

(I have can watch about 30mns of TV a day, currently. I'm keeping up with Lucifer, Legends of Tomorrow and Underground, currently, while filling the rest of the time with Clone Wars. Actually, let me show you wtach my "have watched up to this point" list is: jessica jones (s1e2 00:00), supergirl (s1e3 00:00), agent carter (s2e3), lucifer (s1e10 00:00), legends of tomorrow (s1e9 00:00), clone wars (s2e13), underground (s1e2 00:00), shannara (s1e6 00:00), daredevil (s2e1 00:00), ds9 (can't remember where I stopped), orphan black (ditto). Idk that I will finish watching all of these, but so far I still want to watch more.)

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Reading kitten!

Not really a reading Wednesday

On account of how I am barely reading anything lately.

I still need to catch up on the stuff I read in 2015 (I know). Here's the list:
Collapse )

And because I keep wanting not to talk about 2016 books before I finish talking about 2015 books, I have completely forgotten to write down all the comics I read early in January. There were a lot, but all I can remember is the Marie des dragons intégrale and volume 4 of Les aigles de Rome (I know). I was in a comic shop for five consecutive hours at one point, this is not all I read, ffs. :(

Anyway, in the interest of not forgetting more stuff, I am currently reading:

Contes et récits de l'histoire de Carthage by Jean Defrasne: CARTHAGE! (Read along with [personal profile] yhlee )

Le Déchronologue by Stéphane Beauverger: Currently the PoV character/narrator is dying, fighting Alexander the Great with time canons, joining up with Native South Americans to fight the Spanish, ruling a floating city because Europe is fucking gone and South America/any landmass is going the same way, narrowly just escaped what might be an aircraft carrier/the Flying Dutchman...

Tattúínárdǿla saga: If Star Wars Were an Icelandic Saga by Jackson Crawford: Here on the internet. Quite frankly I am easily entertained and a sucker for well-done pastiche.

Speaking of which, has anyone read William Shakespeare's Star Wars? Is it all as great as the phrase "to thine own Sith be true"? (Gonna start using this a motivational tool, ngl.)

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Quit killing people, that's high profile

2015's last Reading Wednesday (2/6): French comics read in English

These comics were originally published in French, then translated and published in English at a later date.

What did you finish reading?

Chronicles of Legion 1-3, by Fabien Nury (scenario), Mathieu Lauffray, Mario Alberti, Zhang Xiaoyu and Tirso Cons (all four on art): Collapse )

The Infinite Loop 1 + 2, by Pierrick Colinet (writing) and Elsa Charretier (art): Collapse )

What are you reading now?

Lots of stuff! I really want to talk about the conclusion for Secret Wars and Le Déchronologue (OMG IT IS SO AMAZING SERIOUSLY Y'ALL SO GOOD), but that's wait until I'm done with this 2015 recap. List broken down so I can do something else with my day(s).

Up next for the recaps are:
  • Books read in French
    • Chats d'oeuvre
    • D'un monde à l'autre (La Quête d'Ewilan, tome 1)
    • Le Jardin des silences
  • Comics read in English
    • Lucifer v1 (Vertigo comic)
    • Prince of Cats
    • Sandman Overture
    • Spider-Gwen v1
    • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl v1
  • Books read in English
    • Fragile Things
    • Magnus Chase and the Sword of Asgard
    • The Red Pyramid
  • Books about Ancient Dead People
    • Darkness Over Cannae
    • Le papyrus de César
    • Tumulte à Rome
Discounted from this list are a bunch of single issue comics and/or ongoings. I need to figure out a way to handle reviews for ongoing (US) comics.

What are you reading next?

Not sure. At some point I should add the boo, recs I got from fandomstocking to the to-read list. I need to work on reducing my to-read list, seriously.
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Reading kitten!

*hums Star Wars Imperial March*

I have a new black, long-ish coat. Add to this that I have a red scarf and that my wardrobe is pretty much all black and it's going to look like I'm cosplaying a Star Wars villain all winter. Yay?

Note to timetravel authors everywhere: Don't show me the laser guns in 17th century Tortuga, show me the guy with the quinine in 17th century Tortuga. That's how you get my attention. (Am reading Stéphane Beauverger's Le Déchronologue. Was expecting laser guns. Am getting unlinear narrative and smart timetravel so far.)

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