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Talking Meme: Illyana Rasputin

I'm going to go and try posting every day in January. You've been warned.

</a></b></a>ladymercury_10 : Illyana Rasputin

Illyana Rasputin got a raw deal. I know this is X-Men comics and everyone got a raw deal, but she got a rawer deal than most.

For one thing, part of her childhood was hell -- in the sense of SHE GOT KIDNAPPED BY A DEMON LORD WHO WANTED TO USE HER SOUL AS A BATTERY TO FREE HIMSELF FROM LIMBO/SUMMON ELDER GODS. Fun times.

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Look. If ever there was someone in X-Men who embodied "the road to Hell is paved with good intentions", it's Illyana Rasputin. That's fascinating and I want more of it.

(My talking meme post is here, in case anyone wants me to talk about anything.)
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January Posting Meme

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know most people are doing the December posting meme, but that is not an option for me this month. Hence, January posting meme.

I hope to post (almost) every day in January*, by going through unanswered questions from last year's if I have to. (Reason 2 I'm doing it iin January: December didn't work last year. January the year before did.)

Basically if you've ever wanted to ask me to babble about stuff, from writing to Breton Arthuriana to my brilliant plan for a movie trilogy with the F4 and DOOM in it or whatever, now's your chance.

January 1
January 2
January 3
January 4 -- ladymercury_10 : Illyana Rasputin
January 5
January 6
January 7 -- [personal profile] hokuton_punch : Mehmed and Radu!
January 8
January 9
January 10 -- wordsofastory : More Arthuriana
January 11
January 12 -- egelantier : how about favorite french music? one band or a lot of bands or a genre or anything goes
January 13 -- [personal profile] endeni : if you could make your own tv-show based on the Arthurian legends which way would you go? (And who would you cast?)
January 14 -- [personal profile] schneefink : how would you do a Young Avengers movie? Or a TV series?
January 15 -- [personal profile] tamsin : Dido and Aeneas
January 16
January 17
January 18 -- [personal profile] st_aurafina : Favourite place to chill out and relax? Or favourite place you've ever visited?
January 19
January 20 -- [personal profile] yhlee : writing process talk
January 21
January 22
January 23
January 24
January 25
January 26 -- [personal profile] yhlee : Cannae
January 27 -- [personal profile] tamsin : Tell me about some of your favorite books?
January 28
January 29
January 30
January 31

Blank space: [personal profile] thebonesofferalletters : What is your ideal living space like?
+ anything from last year I didn't answer already:

</a></b></a>egelantier : Greek Mythology
</a></b></a>rogueslayer452 : How has fandom influenced your life?
</a></b></a>sineala: "Who is your favorite fictional character ever and why?"
</a></b></a>alasse_irena : "Tell me about the most So Bad It's Good piece of media you have ever encountered?"
</a></b></a>draycevixen : "Tell me about Paris."
</a></b></a>rogueslayer452 : How many people in your real life know about your fandom activities? Do you find it hard to explain to others outside of fandom what fandom is, or do you just avoid the conversation completely?
</a></b></a>melannen : What are your feelings on Agent of Asgard? :D
</a></b></a>tielan : If you could live in any fictional 'verse, which one would it be, and why?

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Meta Monday: Just in time to talk about DEAD PEOPLE

</a></b></a>yuuago : Hannibal/Scipio

Well, I think my feelings about the good ship Hannibal/Scipio are pretty well documented at this pint, but just in case, there's now a whole new tag for these two.

So I'm going to talk about something slightly different. I'm going to talk about how shipping dudes two thousand years dead helped me feel like I was finally doing fandom right.

In the parts of fandom I run in, not a friending meme goes by without the dreaded "What's your OTP?" question. I'm a gen person by nature and even worse, I tend to multiship. I never knew what to say to that question. Seeing everyone else come up with effortless answers made it feel like the unspoken assumption of the question (that everyone had to have an OTP) was true.

Now I know what to say!

(I still don't define OTP the way a lo of people seem to, though. For me it is a pairing I will always ship, not one I ship exclusively. Afaik, no one's written Hannibal/Maharbal or Aemilia/Scipio yet, but man I will be first in line to read it if they do.)

Honstely, though? There are SO MANY places where the assumption of 'everyone has an OTP' crops up. It's fucking EVERYWHERE. "The most trope-tastic fic about your OTP" Define OTP. "What would your OTP do?" How the fuck would I know. "Imagine your OTP" I DON'T HAVE ONE.

It gets tiring, after a while. It's a bunch of tiny reminders that you, personally, are Doing Fandom Wrong. (This is bullshit. There's no way to do fandom wrong, unless you hurt people, but that's not what it feels like.)

I wish people would be more open to people doing fandom differently. Not everyone has an OTP. Not everyone changes fandom every few months. Not everyone sticks with a single fandom for decades.

So now I'm a genficcer with a badly defined OTP. I'm still doing fandom wrong. I've stopped caring. You do you. I do me. Hannibal and Scipio can do each other.

Next time, I'll be talking about Greek mythology. (The Meta Monday Masterpost is here. If you want me to talk about anything, let me know over there.)

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Talking Meme Monday: Something I'm proud of

Not exactly Meta monday if all I talk about is me.

[personal profile] crookedspoon: An achievement I'm proud of

(Not dead. (Presumably) not insane. Brother grew up okay.)

I'm really proud of how big the Hannibal/Scipio fandom is. I know it's tiny, but it still exists when it didn't this time two years ago. I did that. Me.

I speak English!

Those three novel first drafts. Those are pretty cool.

I'm actually pretty good at figure drawing! Practice does do wonders.

Those two exchanges I'm running ([community profile] nightonficmountain and [community profile] history_exchange )!

Not that proud of the fact that I apparently fucked the setting on NoFM and so didn't get notifs for the comments on the feedback post. /goes to reply

Next time, I'm going to be talking about Hannibal/Scipio, so brace for tl;dr.

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Meta Monday: Avengers of the juvenile persuasion

Hi! Welcome to Meta Monday, in which I go tl;dr about stuff.

ladymercury_10 :Maybe your favorite/least favorite things about [Young Avengers]? And/or how your feelings differ between the different runs?

My favourite thing about Young Avengers is probably how hard all of them try to do the right thing and how brave they all are. My least favourite thing is the deaths.

I have a lot of varying feelings on the different runs, though.

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Which reminds me. Does anyone know where Eli got to?

Because it's been ages since I saw him in a comic. Even the recent Battleworld AU/whetever we're calling this current Marvel event didn't have him in the Young Avengers issue. (Everyone ever appears to be pretending Jonas never existed. Boo.)

Also, my favourite Young Avengers fic has now been Jossed, but remains forever amazing, so I'm going to rec it once more.

reclaiming her star (6582 words) by NightsMistress
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Young Avengers
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Cassie Lang
Additional Tags: post volume 2, shameless fix-it fic

It's not the coming back to life that's hard, Cassie learns, but adjusting to what has happened after she died.

I hope that at least somewhat answered the questions!

Next time, I'll be talking about writing a novel. (The Meta Monday Masterpost is here. If you want me to talk about anything, let me know over there.)

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Meta Monday Masterpost

So! Meta Monday is basically me going tl;dr about stuff on Mondays.

Right now I'm working my way through the questions from the December 2014 talking meme, but if anyone wants me to talk about other stuff, leave a comment on this post and I'll add it to the list.

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I reserve the right to move the order of subjects around or answer under f-lock or whatever.

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Meta Monday: I love Wanda Maximoff because of House of M

Hi! Welcome to Meta Monday, in which I go tl;dr about stuff.

ladymercury_10 : Wanda Maximoff and House of M

House of M is the first comic I read with Wanda Maximoff in it. It showed me how kind she was and I've loved her ever since.

Let me explain.

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So those are my thoughts on House of M, ladymercury_10!

Next time, I'll be looking at more comics, in the form of Young Avengers.

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Meta Monday/Talking Meme: Feedback that I like

This isn't really meta, but it is posted on a Monday, so there you go.

[personal profile] minutia_r : "The one fanfic/other fannish creation that it always makes your day when people leave feedback on, and why?"

It always makes my day when people comment and/or kudos any of my fannish creations. I like knowing I made someone happy if only for a while. (My favourite kind of kudos email is when I see the same person has given kudos to several of my fics, because it means they were happy more than once!)

My favourite kind of comments are the ones that pick up on something specific I did or even just point out what they liked best. I need to get back in the habit of giving comments, but I try to leave these kind of comments too.

On the other hand, once I post a fic, it's done. I'm not changing anything about it, so if someone points out I made a mistake, all I'm going to do is thank them and shrug. I've never been in the situation where I missed a vital element of canon, but I suppose in that case I would pretend the fic was an AU.

There are a handful of fics on my Ao3 I wish I could have written better, mostly exchange fics were I ran out of time for editing, so when I get a comment on those my reaction is "It's not that bad, yay!". The rest of the fics are fics I'm proud of having written, so getting a comment on those makes me go "Nailed it, yay!".

There is no one fic that makes my day when I get feedback on it, because I always get that little "yay!" thrill and they all make my day. (I do feel special fondness for anyone who comments on my Hannibal/Scipio fics, because that is the OTP of my heart and knowing other people ship it makes me feel less like I'm all alone with my feelings.)

Next week, I will talk about Wanda Maximoff and House of M!
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Meta Monday : I don’t drink coffee, a post about AUs

Hi! Welcome to Meta Monday, in which I go tl;dr about stuff.

I very nearly titled this "AUs are gold" but I figured no one wanted to deal with Periodic Table of Elements jokes at whatever time it is wherever you are.

So, way back when these were supposed to be a December Talking meme, wordsofastory asked "Favorite types of AUs! Or just your general thoughts on AUs."

Yeah. I have thoughts.

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Hey, you know what would be amazing? Eurovision AUs! Any canon, no explanation needed. Eurovison needs no explanation. (Don't tell me you don't want to know what a Doctor Doom approved Eurovision entry would look like.)

Next time, I'll be looking at feedback, especially as it pertains to me.
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Meta Monday: Myth and narrative

Hi! Welcome to Meta Monday, in which I go tl;dr about stuff.

Today, I coined the term "ficframed", which is to fic ideas what earwormed is to songs. They dig into your brain and won't leave.

Well, that was an easy meta post to write.

More seriously, I'm going to answer taiyou_to_tsuki: "Since you've read a fair bit of stories based on mythology-- how do you feel about translating characters from a mythic to a literary narrative? Are there any cases where you have felt a deity/other mythical being to be misinterpreted by the author?"

I've read a lot of mythology books and books based on mythology. Most recently, Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians and Heroes of Olympus series(es?) and Joanne Harris' Runemarks series. I'm not counting things that are only distantly related to myths like the Asgardian side of the Marvel Universe, but I've read a lot of that, too.

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Sweet Tanith, this got long!

Next week, I'll looking at AUs.

(I need some sort of meta icon.)

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